Lets Customize a Yoga Workshop for Your Community!

Immerse your community in a style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series.

After 20 years of dedicated practice, my understanding and viewpoint continues to mature. 

My mission is to spread the teachings of this rich and solid method of Yoga in a loving and compassionate way; while maintaining the integrity of the scientific system of Ashtanga Yoga.  

Through my studies, I believe this requires skillfully adapting the method to the individual person and their unique circumstances.

“Michelle, guides and supports each student throughout the process... her input is equally matched with how well she listens, and she attends to all students in a balanced manner (while providing enough space to allow the student to move through the sequences).

Any newcomers, do not hesitate, you will be welcome in an open and warm manner, it's obvious Michelle truly cares about each practitioner.”

-Peter Cole

Ashtanga Yoga as a therapeutic system

The tools that the practice of Ashtanga Yoga offers, helps us maintain our physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being all the while supporting the continuation of our spiritual development throughout our lives.

By focusing on these techniques and working with each student to understand the postures – when & how to utilize the postures to help each student maintain health and freedom in their bodies and minds, the practice can continue to support their growth. 

I can't say enough positive things about Michelle Dorer . The individualized learning experience takes this to a whole different level. Definitely not your typical 'gym yoga' experience.  No one size fits all!

Each student learns at their own level. Michelle's knowledge, attention, patience and commitment to the practice is what makes this such a great experience.

-Paul Alexander

There is an Art to Ashtanga Yoga, and I am thankful for my years of experience, the numerous hours of practice and for my guidance from my enlightened Senior Ashtanga Yoga Teachers. 

With the history of Ashtanga Yoga that they have shared with me, I continually feel empowered to pass on these teachings to others.  I love teaching the philosophy and sharing Ashtanga Yoga’s unique techniques for improving one’s health, physically and mentally!